Franco Marconcini, art lover, painter, decorator and sculptor, spent his youth as an artistic ceramic decorator, then in 1957 he focused his career on the sale of handcrafted furniture.

After achieving a resounding success and many satisfactions in sales, he resumed his previous passion for the Antiques, in the decoration sector, especially regarding the artistic furniture.

In 1980, thanks to his sons’ support, Massimiliano and Alberto, Franco created his activity known as Tiemme Mobili d’Arte, a family-run business specialised in creating ancient duplicates of the artistic furniture, through a meticulous research of the bench ageing, colouring and coating procedure.

What the new generations require nowadays, it is a personalization of contemporary locations with ancient furniture. This aspect leads Marconcinis towards a constant research over a producing and finishing procedure, in order to harmonize and make balanced these contrasts in a constantly evolving way of living.

To Franco … always in our heart for having loved us and taught us a lot.
Marconcini Padre